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Skin and Bones
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The last time he saw her she had a bruise on her knee. It was purple and red and dimpled to match the hockey ball that had created it. She wore long socks that lay just below the mark, but which she tugged upwards from time to time to cover it. Shed warn similar socks all those months ago, too, when it had ended. But she hadnt had to worry about them slipping down then - they sat snug where the curve of her calf met her thigh.
Since then, she had refused his calls, ignored his texts and deleted him as a friend on facebook. It had been such a long time since theyd had any contact at all, and if it had been up to her, he was sure it would have been longer. She was clearly surprised to see him at the party.
She did not approach him, but kept a careful watch out of the corner of her eye as she talked to her friends. He was less subtle, glancing at her every few minutes and clutching the neck of a bott
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Cross to Bear
Night settled around us,
And we stood still amongst the flurry of bodies.
My veins pulsed with the unspeakable.
I was so frightened, but we barely embraced
All I wanted was for you to stay;
To hold me close and tell me it was going to be ok;
To make me feel safe again.
The darkness swallowed you up.
I could not see past the flashing lights,
And the noise of it all.
You left me there, alone.
Because there was nothing to keep you;
Because you don't care for me anymore;
Because I am no longer your cross to bear.
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Mature content
FUCK :iconprittee1:prittee1 3 2
Poetry by prittee1 Poetry :iconprittee1:prittee1 8 0
Mature content
The Human Condition :iconprittee1:prittee1 0 8
Parallel Lines
Work is always work until it's close to knock-off time.
He gets off at 1:57. I suspect it's officially two but he's always in for afternoon tea by then. He is the last customer I serve. From behind my cash register I watch him leave the sports store and cross the mall. There's always a heavy flow of shoppers on weekdays, skipping from sale to sale, rushing left and right. He looks in neither direction, but walks straight across, forcing others to move to avoid him. I like to think it's me he's walking towards with such purpose in his stride.
He orders a medium latte and an M+M cookie every day. Coffee for a guy who is deep and thoughtful, the sweet for someone who is a little different – he is no boring chocolate brownie or iced doughnut. He makes his way to the only window table available and sits facing the road outside. Other days he chooses one of the seats right by the frame and rests his head against the glass. He closes his eyes and I like to think he is dreaming of summer
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Brief Romance
You and I skipped the length of the wall on tiptoes. I laughed as I ran and you followed, always a few paces behind, smiling in my wake.
I grasped the wire fence and scaled it with little effort. I swung my leg over and sat perched on the top.
You stood at the bottom looking up at me, your hands placed on your hips in mock-dissaproval. I laughed and called out your name for all the world to hear. You proceeded without hesitation.
Together, we conquered a wall, you lending me your shoulder for a moment. Pigeons scattered in fright as I hauled myself up to the rooftop. I turned and offered a hand to you. You took it with a grin.
An hour we stared at the sky before I started to get cold. I stood and began to bound across the ceramic tiles. You threw out a half-hearted warning before losing yourself in laughter, and standing to join my prance.
We collapsed into giggles amd shared a breif meeting of warm lips before a yell sliced through the night. We had awoken the neighbours.
With a thril
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Curious by prittee1 Curious :iconprittee1:prittee1 5 1 The Loft by prittee1 The Loft :iconprittee1:prittee1 5 12
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Sunday Morning :iconprittee1:prittee1 1 3
Back to School
It's a Fridays afternoon, five years after the last time we saw each other, and I stand at the entrance to our old high school. I look in at the grounds and imagine them as they were then.
You and I walk side by side along a concrete path, bordered on the left with thorny rose bushes, and on the right, with fallen autumn leaves. We make our way to our next class, talking in low, conspiring voices; like we have a secret that the rest of the world are just dieing to know, and that we will never reveal. Your eyes sparkle with boyish mischief and your excitement at our now-forgotten plan makes me laugh. You could always make me laugh.
Today, I sit on a bench across from your classroom, watching you teach. You are just as I remember you. But I am much changed. I know that you won't recognise me, and yet, every time you glance out the window, my heart skips a beat and I think… What if…?
Having come straight here from work, I am dressed in a crisply ironed white shirt and a straight
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Shooting Myself by prittee1 Shooting Myself :iconprittee1:prittee1 1 5 Stupidly Huge Pockets by prittee1 Stupidly Huge Pockets :iconprittee1:prittee1 0 2 My Cushion by prittee1 My Cushion :iconprittee1:prittee1 0 3
To Dream
It's hard to stop yourself from dreaming
When dreaming is all you have left.
When you've been gone so long, so far,
That the distance has left you bereft
Of his face and his hands and the curve of his back,
Which kept you so long entertained,
On late nights - Now early flights
- Now fatigue and aches and pains.
When settling is all you want,
And disruptions are all you get,
The dreams are what you hold on to
- When you're alone sometimes you forget
That alone is never really alone
If someone is prepared to wait,
So you hold on to those dreams of him, soon,
Of one kiss - one look - one embrace.
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Mature content
Senseless Encounters :iconprittee1:prittee1 0 6


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Everything turns to shit eventually so live it up you arse.

It's all rotten at the core.

I'm going to die soon.
  • Listening to: Daniel Champagne


Elisa Thompson
My name is Elisabeth Penella Thompson.
This is me.

Current Residence: Fremantle
Favourite genre of music: Alternative/Acoustic/Rock



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From here the caravans are kids toys
And I can hold them all in my palm
I watch the sea creep round the corner
It connects the dots from here to you
The sunlight burning through the loose flags
Painted high on white church walls
I chase my blood from brain to thumped heart
Until I'm out of breath for trying :heart:
prittee1 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009
:heart: I miss you.
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